How to Stop Overthinking?

Most of us are dwelling back and forth in the memories of past and worries of future. With rising stress, we start feeling lonely, frustrated and depressed. At that time, we just want to pack your bags and want to run away from that place. Is it with me or Are you facing some problems? Let’s start finding a solution to it because obviously we can’t pack our bags and go somewhere, ultimately our this job is earning bread and house rent for us, we are bound to it to fulfil our goals.

Stop Blaming And Forgive Yourself

Let’s us move step by step to overcome this challenge of life. Many of us are locking ourselves in the chains of regret and guilt because of the choices we have made in the past. We are continuously blaming ourselves.  You are human and humans are bound to make mistakes. Maybe your decisions are worse than others but this is your life you cannot spoil it based on some decisions.

“Imagine you are walking on the subway with a cup of coffee but suddenly you hit a pole because of the crowd and end up spilling half of your coffee. So, now will you keep the regret of half spill coffee throughout the life or will enjoy the other half of life, This is the same as Life, Do you want to end another half of your life regretting about the mistakes you made in the first half of your life”.

It’s the time to forgive yourself and work on a better version of you.

Overcome fear Of The Outcome

I always had this issue of overthinking and analysing about the future, I keep on analysing all the permutation and combinations of winning in life. Sometimes, the fear of losing and not fulfilling my goals made me upset or make me panic while reaching my goal. In fact, The whole world has seen ” The God of Cricket – Sachin Tendulkar” at his nervous 90’s, so who are we, everyone can have that fear but do you realise that our this fear often stops us from reaching our goal. So, don’t you think, you should stop putting yourself in this hot water?

Choose Between Belief and Reality 

As a kid, I was very scared of ghosts, some of us are still scared of them. Do you remember the last time when you saw a horror movie and you were a little terrified while sleeping at night and you felt that there can be a ghost in your room? Although, you are aware that there are no ghosts in real but still it haunts us. This is what belief is, some of us overthink about our beliefs which may or may not exist. We leave the door of reality and choose to live in a room of belief.

Keep Yourself Busy 

It’s a very old saying -” The empty mind is the devil’s workshop”. Free mind welcomes a number of thoughts. Keep yourself busy with work, goals, friends or whatever you like. There is a number of options available these days to keep yourself busy which may also help you to enhance your skills, you can join some courses you like or watch some web series.

Share Your Heart Out

Share your thoughts, problems, guilts and problems with someone you trust, sometimes it makes us feel relief. Generally, I pen down my thoughts to release myself from the burden of thoughts.

Writer’s Tip – If half spill cup of coffee affects you so much then buy a new cup of coffee for yourself. Create a world which keeps you happy, you have all the rights to change the things which don’t keep you happy. A world with your choice of office, job, apartment, song, party, person, friend or city which makes you feel happy.


  1. Ask a question to yourself… is this going to help me?? is it needed?? yyeaah that overthinking only.. if no then you are smart enough not to think more and saving your time.. if yes then definitely it is not overthinking..

  2. Dwelling on regrets is something that I decided to give up doing. Now my motto is “If I have made the decision after analyzing my options, then it’s ok, that was the best I could do at the time. “

    1. Yes because at the end they are our decisions, some will be right and some will be wrong. We are humans and humans can make mistakes.

  3. Good points, Tushita!
    Thank God I was never an over thinker. This beautiful life is too short to be wasted in irrelevant thoughts.
    Our thoughts create our world. You are right when you said we can actually choose the life we want.

    1. True, Yes we should focus on creating our world to be happy. It’s good you are not over thinker.

  4. I can overanalyze ANYTHING, but am also the first to go running into the waves if I get a chance to go to the ocean. So perhaps many of us are a little of both–thinking about what was, but eagerly moving forward toward what is coming.

    1. Thanks RoseMary for sharing your thoughts. Yes, you are right we all are both but we have to choose what is good for us.

  5. I am an overthinker as well and it can be exhausting running through every possible scenario for every potential possibility. One way to get over overthinking for me is to watch travel shows on TV, I also write and read a book. Reading a book distracts me from overthinking.

    1. Reading book is one more good option to keep yourself busy and avoiding overthinking. Thank you Chan, for sharing your thoughts.

  6. I tend to overthink as well, I think this is peculiar to a particular temperament. And with thinking comes depression, then I become closed off. One way to get over overthinking for me is to write. In writing I get to rationalize my thoughts, and find some release.

    1. Yes exactly, penning down releases all the thoughts which had eventually made home in our head which cause overthinking and then leads to depression as u mentioned.

  7. Hi Tushita. I consider myself very fortunate in that I have never been an over-thinker. Sometimes I am somewhat the opposite and may act on something too quickly, but for the most part I live in the now and try to enjoy every moment of it.

    1. Thanks Doreen, It’s good you enjoy the moment that really helps in enjoying life.

  8. I have felt like running away many a time, particularly as a teenager when facing a lot of emotional turmoil. I realised wherever you go your problems will go with you.

    I am an overthinker and an analyser. My mind is never blank- too many thoughts running around in it. I read; the bible, books and I watch sermons and inspirational teachings online.

    I do not watch any programmes/films based on the paranormal.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, you are doing right by reading bible,books because it keeps mind busy and comes with the perk of learning.

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