Respect Women!

This post is not to raise the flag of “FEMINISM”. “Women are not a commodity and deserve respect” is said by every FEMINIST but there is some more which is required for women to maintain it’s status and self-respect in society. This post is trying to explain the fact with certain incidents, There are few incidents which made me write it –

  1. Last day, I was talking to a friend and he said-“ I don’t trust girls at all, They are “Gossip Queens” and gossip about everything“. With his statement, I gave myself food of thought who do I know who gossips and I realised – Yes, there are some of the girls who are gossip queens and there are some of the boys who are gossip kings. The crown deserves to both the genders, why do we think that this trait belongs to this particular gender.
  2. Similarly few backs one of the people I was talking mentioned – “Women doing jobs is the reason for increasing divorces in India because with the job they don’t have time to look after their home and family“. Moreover, as they are empowered they found it very easy to take divorce and settle their life of their own. Well, I think the reason for divorce these days is the growth in society, these days they people don’t tie themselves in an abusive, toxic or insecure relationship. It has nothing to do with women doing the job.
  3. Last Month, I was travelling in the metro, two women’s boards into the metro, one of them were carrying the baby and one was a fit and fine youngster, there was only one vacant seat. The fit women ran and grab the seat then one man stood and gave the seat to women with a baby but none of the women stood up to give her the seat. Why we use gender as a ticket for not helping others, I have seen many similar incidents, there are few of us who will leave our seat for old generation, pregnant ladies or the ills. Why do we raise the flag of Feminism when we don’t help each other.
  4. As a kid, I have been always hearing this “Women is the enemy of women” which I soon realised was very true, I have seen a lot of women judging the lifestyle, dresses, job schedule etc of other women and then we expect not to be judged. Before stopping any man from doing this why don’t we stop this among ourselves.

Equality and respect are important for any gender, everyone has a right to get it not only from the opposite genders but from the same gender as well. Let’s make society a better place to live in.


  1. Tushita, Madeline Albright is famous for having said, ‚ÄúThere is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” I heard that decades ago and resolved not to be that woman, but to do my best to elevate women who cross my path. Doreen is right in saying that some young women are too swept up in a commercialized version of what their life should be and therefore compete with other women and think that cutting others down elevates themselves. Wisdom comes from age and experience–which both genders hopefully gain.

    1. I really liked the quote you mentioned. Yes, we should elevate each other that’s how we all can reach to the platform of success.

  2. Tushita, you have you have touched on a number of valid points. Yes, women do gossip and as you have mentioned so do men. I have witnessed throughout my life, women mistreating other women because they were physically beautiful and made them feel threatened. I have also witnessed women mistreating women who were not deemed as beautiful in the world’s eyes. Both are equally as bad.

    Women need to work working together as the fact we are women can and does put us at a disadvantage in life. We need to cheer one another on and see each other as part of the team and not the opposition. Maturity brings wisdom and confidence. Maturity allows you to let go of petty things and look ahead.

    I am most encouraged to see women rising up in their workplaces and businesses, particularly women of colour who have two obstacles to overcome; their race and gender.

    1. That’s true, In fact, few years back I used to be little fatty, the more criticism and body shamming I faced was from women mostly. Yes, we should team up to help each other grow.

      1. Really? Well you look great now! Perhaps they felt criticising you would encourage you to make a chance. Criticism usually makes a person feel bad about themselves.

      2. Thanks, Phoenicia, Yes, I shed around 20 pounds, different people take criticism differently, I just tried to overcome it but usually, people start feeling bad and in fact gets frustrated.

  3. Hello Tushita. I agree with you that women should respect women equally, as should men. I believe that had a man not stood up to give the young mother his seat, a woman likely would have done so. Young women may not have fully evolved to be of a level of caring or understanding that we attain when we are older through life experience.

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