The Joy of Being Average/Mediocre

ummm… Being average, If someone called you “average,” you probably wouldn’t take it as a compliment. Throughout my life everyone including my friends, teachers and family has asked me “To be the flamingo in a flock of pigeons” but why I have to be flamingo, why not a pigeon. Maybe I just want to be a pigeon. What’s wrong in being average?

Honestly, the first question which hits my mind from term “AVERAGE” is – what is the definition of average? I think,
Average = (Lower limit+ Upper limit)/2

What is Average?

This definition was very clear in school and college where scoring 50 % was average taking 0 as lower limit and 100 as the upper limit.
But in life what’s the lower limit and what’s the upper limit. Suppose I earn 30000 in a month, now who will define that it’s a mediocre salary or outstanding salary. For somebody who is begging on the traffic light -it’s more than an outstanding salary, for Bill gates it’s equivalent to a single penny. Yes, I can read your mind my reader – “It’s a mediocre salary for common people like us” but who said you are a common person, what is the definition of common??

I think being average is the most misunderstood term in our society. I am 5 feet 5 inches, this is average height in India, but in Australia average height is 5’9″, so basically If I visit there I will be below average in height.

Let’s move to sports “Ishant Sharma” bowler in Indian Cricket Team will definitely be considered as the above average because he had defeated a lot of people in the population of millions to reach that position but If we compare him to all the bowlers of their Nations cricket team, then he might be the average bowler.

Accepting The Fact

More than 80% of the population think they are more than average, Although according to research 80-85% of humans are born as average. It’s a harsh reality of life.
This isn’t a good or bad thing because there is a vast array of qualities that can be measured. Everyone you meet will know something you don’t. Everyone’s skill levels will vary. Everyone’s personality will vary. We all are average in some aspects and we should start accepting the fact.

we are all unique, just like everyone else is. Enjoy your uniqueness and “just be yourself”. Trust me, there are a number of perks of being average –

1. No one expects much from you – Suppose I am 3 rated employee in my office, so my manager will never expect outstanding work from me.

2.No Performance Pressure – The expectations we have from Virat as captain of Indian Cricket Team and from Ashwin as a player of the team are totally different. So the performance pressure on Virat is much higher than on Ashwin.

3. Easily Appreciated – When I was in school, my parents expected 60% from me but luckily I secured 80%, When I told this to my father he asked me to check my name again in the result, to which I responded – “I did, and your name is mentioned in father’s name . That’s was the day my father gifted new mobile to me.

Many more…

Yes, It’s good to be mediocre. There is nothing wrong in being a pigeon, it’s all about the perspective. “No Jealousy, No Competitions, I have to win from myself, I have to lose from myself. I have my own journey, my own destination. WHO I AM? – An Average Person”. Break free from that box! Feel the Joy

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  1. Good to read…😊 I appreciate the way you expressed the word AVERAGE

  2. Great post!

    I felt average all the way through high school; in my abilities, my giftings and my appearance. I was an introvert with a very small personality. I was the girl who blended into the background. The one who got ignored or bullied. Part of me wanted to be popular and the other part did not even have the confidence to stand out.

    I agree that many are average but fight not to be. I am probably one of them. We all like to feel special, that we bring something of substance to our group of friends, family, place of work or business.

  3. yeah bebe.. thats true of an average personality.. we all are average and we all are perfect in our own ways whatever it is.. so rock your life.. live your life as you like.. being pigeon or being flemingo its our choice.. always.. 😘😘😘😘 love you.. keep posting.. 🤗🤗

  4. Another way of looking at being average is if a person does what everybody else is dong? That’s an average person – one in the crowd. Jealousy and envy is also the mark of an envious person. If you are above average you dare to do your own thing and don’t waste time on being envious of successful people.

    1. Hi Catarina Alexon,

      Thank You for sharing your idea, I completely agree with your point on – “one in the crowd.”. But jealousy and envy are one of the parts of human nature, even a successful person can envy another successful person because everyone has something missing in their life. Even a successful person can be jealous of an average person for his free time, or the comfort he is having. Jealousy can be for -personality, complexion, looks, jealousy in realtionship.friendship or between the siblings.

      1. When you have high self esteem, which people who do their own thing usually have, it’s unusual to find envious and jealous people. Success is not the same thing as daring to do your own thing. Some people who are average and do what everybody else is doing are successful. Anyone who is jealous and envious should work on it. If not, they may ruin their life.

  5. You have explained nicely and smoothly, the story of majority crowd(average people) who are struggling to find their inner peace.
    After reading this, being average is new sexy..!! 🙂
    Much appreciated…!

  6. Your thoughts are truly commendable. Whenever one feel sad or demotivated, your words will lift up their mood and will act as a barrier going towards negative side.

    Keep writing and motivating all of us. Waiting for you next post.

  7. Now this is something which looks ordinary tale as u see the cover’s but the moment you begin reading it shows one of those effortlessly written piece of things with heart,compassion and the acceptance of good.Its interesting and joyful to read,keep writing looking forward to read more from you.:)

  8. Nice words,never thought that being an average person is so gud i like the way u defined the word average,it totally changed my perception towards being an average person..luv uh gal😘

  9. No matter what anybody tells u, but ur ideas and words are too loud on a paper tht it can change the world!!! So keep it up dear and i know u have enough potential to explore ur creativity with words😘😘 love u since childhood 😍🤗

  10. Interesting one… This is something i never thought… Really very interesting… And i must thank you…. For giving this treat to my brain…
    Thank you. 🙏🙏😊😊

  11. Nice post…it belongs to me also ….hahahha….btw average person is more creative as he/she have time to explore himself/herself in the world ….#proud to be an average person 😎

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