In The End, It’s All About?

I don’t want to start this blog with the outcome of any process either Success or Failure. I want to start it with the outset of the journey that we traverse to achieve anything in our life. It can be any simpler process which can include driving from home to office, appearing in a semester, looking for a job, working on a project, friendship, relationship or your music classes.

When you get into any process of life, do you always plan for the result – that this friendship will last 10 years, I will score highest marks this semester, I will just get passing marks this time or I will just learn to sing 5 songs etc. The truth is not every time we plan for the result, sometimes we even change our plans in the middle and sometimes we even give up in the middle. e.g. Drop School or College, Leave job, Skip gym, Leave music classes in between and much more.

In the journey of every milestone, we make a lot of memories, spend a lot of moments of happiness, laughter, joy, tears, sorrows etc. We learn a lot of stuff, we develop new ideas, work on them. Sometimes we learn how to work in a team or an individual, we learn about our weaknesses and our strengths. We learn about our priorities and choice. We learn habits and technical stuff.

Success – Success is rejoicing. It comes with a lot of happiness, opportunities, good luck and blessings. After getting success, we simply move to other parts of life and we even forget it in a few days. It gives you more comfort, if you have failed before and that too goes away with the glimpse of time. The moment of happiness is short lived.

Failure – Failure comes with grief and disappointment, but why Failure gives you disappointment? All this while with a lot of good things, just because it ends resulting in failure we forgot all those leanings. We forget experience always comes with something new, something different, something you never felt and Something you never lived. But that’s life my friends, “Nothing is constant except change“. The truth is -” One can say sorry but can’t change the story“.

Failure gives you the learning to the road of success. One should learn the ideas from failure’s that how to invade success next time. Use it as a key of strength to unlock your potential you have within. Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny, our greatest success is not in never failing but in rising up every time we fail because Some skills are only learnt in storms. Moreover, we do the same thing in our day to day life but we forget these things at bigger steps of our life.

There are the number of successful peoples who have failed more than once – Thomas Edison(Invented the bulb in 1000 attempts), Colonel Sanders(Founder of KFC who failed 1009 times).

“Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough” – Elon Musk

So In the end, It’s not about Success or failure. It’s all about the lessons we learnt from each experience, from countless moments that are going to last with you for whole life. In the end, Life goes on, life doesn’t stop, time doesn’t stop, learning never go waste and hard work never fails. You will achieve your success tomorrow or the day next.

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  1. If we are defined by our successes and failures, then let it be known that every one has a chance at both, grows from both, and should cherish and value both success and failure.
    It is by failing that we grow, become humble, frustrated, and learn more about what doesn’t work. So succeeding at failing can a blessing in disguise.
    In the same way, achieving success allows us to celebrate, to congratulate ourselves for the efforts put behind every step of the way, and to look ahead with hope and conviction that things will work out.

  2. I truly agree that failure affects you depending on the way you treat it. IF you always try to find the opportunity to learn and work on your mistakes – it will only make you stronger and lead to better results. Everyone interested in the concept of failure – check out “”fuck up nights” – events organized to share failure stories with others to learn from them

  3. Tushita – I agree that experiencing and learning in life matters. Nobody welcomes failure but when it comes we can choose to wallow or learn from it. Challenges will present itself in our lives and we need to build up a level of resilience to continue pushing forward.

  4. Success is not a step were u will reach and stops. It is continuous struggle and sucessfull persons become those who learn and step up from there mistakes and failures.

  5. So true😊….Thats why somebody said ” START is the point from where journey of learning begins”

  6. It’s good…
    Success is just a moment… The moment we search for years…. But actually that moment is not success… It’s just a chaos…..
    I never thought you’re that good at writing. Very beautiful…

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