“We are lonely, hopeless and desperate for love” – “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”

With the tagline of mobile phone “Never Settle”, our’s the generation which has stopped settling for anything. My father has always told me – “His generation used to believe in settling for what they have, they wanted to earn their livelihood, were ready to compromise and live peacefully with one or few people” but our generation wants to earn to expend and always want to explore more opportunity.

We are the generation exploited by impatience, rapid technological growth and lack of planning. We are running for materialistic possessions, we lack steadiness and want instant food, instant money transfer, instant hook-up partner. We are creating a fake world around us, let’s name it a world of “SOCIAL MEDIA” or “SHOSHAN(exploit) MEDIA”, everything we do revolves around the people of this world and what we all try is to please this world without even knowing what we actually want. In fact, we are selling our peace of eating, travelling or living a moment because of this world.

  • We thrive for numbers – “Numbers in bank accounts and numbers of followers“. With numbers, I know a person who had 10k followers on Instagram and committed suicide, no one was aware of what the reason was, so basically we have people to talk to but we don’t have people who can listen to our battles.
  • Secondly, The generation of late 80’s and 90’s have seen technology growing with themselves, that’s why We are the generation who are stuck between superstitions and technology“. We have grown from the era of love to tinder, with the era of groups of friends in summer vacation to Facebook, from photo albums to Instagram, from an honest smile to Whatsapp smilies. So basically, we are still confused in between, what we like most among them two. We are still confused between our love for mountains or the fast pacing city.
  • Most of the youth are living alone, they are so much into their independence hence they fear commitment and compromising their space. On one hand, they want to love and on other, they have trust issues.

One of my psychologist friends says – Some are under pressure because their parents bully them by comparing them to others, some are in a war of jealousy and race of being better with their surroundings.
Writer’s Tip – There is no hard and fast advice to come out of it but we should try to clear out the clouds of confusion and create a real world where we don’t feel alone as soon as we put the cell phone on the table. Try to come of out of this world – “Travel more and click less, love more and think less, smile more and tweet less, build trust more and judge less”.


  1. My father was 77 when he died in 2009–he took to technology with a huge passion. I showed him my pc in 1995 and he bought his own. Then one for mom! He loved cell phones and texting. Tech, when used correctly, expands our worlds.

    1. Indeed, this is really sweet. Yes, technology is blessing if used wisely but the the other side is not rosy.

  2. I find it challenging to raise my kids in this environment of current standards. They see me with my phone in my hand probably more than they should, they have no clue what life was like before the internet and I can very much relate with instant gratification issues and how they develop. My five year old definitely shows signs of this, and although we work on patience and managing feelings, it’s just like we are still inventing the wheel. But maybe every parent experiences this ;-).

    1. Yes beacuse the today’s generation is growing with speed of internet so it’s difficult to tell them how life was before internet, we together have to apply brake and make them aware about love,morals, empathy for their and our’s well being.

  3. Really nice piece! Short and to the point. Our generation, and I am one of them have been educated to want everything immediately, in fact we have almost everything we want immediately nowadays with the Internet.
    Except for peace of mind, true friendship, trust, love, and contentment. And, honestly we are losing out on many of the most important things in life. I fear for the next generation, they will be much more of a lost case, if we as parents and older generation (80s and 90s) don’t really help them, and create the environment and give them the skills (empathy, compassion, caring for others, enjoying what they have, etc.) they will need to navigate the digital era, and instant gratification era they are headed to.

    1. Thanks Emidio for sharing your views, I agree with your point, we as parents and older generation will have to keeps this skills alive for a happy world.

  4. Tushita — Luckily, I was already well into adulthood when the Internet and cell phones came into being. While I’ve embraced them, I don’t feel my life depends on being “connected” all the time.

  5. Interesting post Tushita. The world of social media can draw you in if you do not stay grounded. I cannot imagine the pressure teenagers face today compared to when I was a teenager in the 1990’s. I had the opportunity to switch off and distance myself from my peers outside of school. On returning to school there was an element of excitement in hearing what your friends had been up to whereas now we see life played out online. I can and do refrain from accessing social media for days so I know I am not a slave to it. There is something about enjoying the moment.

    1. This is the actual difference between the generation of then and now, Now we have become the slave of technology, For us friends and peers outside school means social networking sites.

  6. I am really happy to say it’s an interesting post to read . I learn new information from your article , you are doing a great job . Keep it up……:-)

  7. These lines….“Travel more and click less, love more and think less, smile more and tweet less, build trust more and judge less”…. Superbbb👏👏

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