O mighty anger where will you take me...
On the mountain of success or to the roads of joy..
O mighty anger where will you take me..
In the world of smiles or to the fountains of peace...
O mighty anger where will you take me...
In the ocean of my dreams or to the purpose of my life.. 
O mighty anger where will you take me..
Uhmm... Are you going to break me? --Tushita 

From Kindergarten to date, the only constant thing in my life was anger and frustration. It’s very difficult to write on such a topic after being a short-tempered and impatient person but I really want to write about how to deal with anger and what I learnt from the crucial hit of life because of my low self-control.

The anger is fueled as soon as you feel deceived and realised that the situation is going beyond your plans, the people are not following what you have predecided and what you have expected from them. As soon as that situation encounters, you start losing control over yourself.

Why Anger is not bad ???

  • Anger is just another feeling like happiness and sadness that makes you realise if you are truly alive and have feelings within you
  • Anger makes you realise what are the wants of your life and what do you dislike
  • Anger motivate you to move towards changes, your goals, desires and dreams
  • Anger helps you to put forth your thoughts clearly and be defensive in the worst situation when it is actually required

Have you watched “Angry Birds”, how in the end they turn their anger into good and success to save their’s place?

If anger is not bad then what is ???

The consequences of anger are actual devils – the outbursts, yelling, jealousy, violence, aggression, hating ownself, physical attack, self-hampering or harming the objects around us. It also includes the words that you shout which you actually don’t mean but they harm things and make you lose your loved ones or people close to you which later results in regrets and guilts, then you lose your calm for having that guilt and falls in the trap of vicious cycle.

How to control your Outbursts?

  • Anger is an acquired trait that you procure from your surroundings which can be parents, friends, the people you interact with, some past or childhood bad experiences. So, first and foremost parents should keep their children away from such a negative environment, secondly you should keep yourself away from such a situation.
  • Control your outbursts, don’t respond immediately to any situation, I know it’s easy to say but difficult to do, so it’s better to just walk off from that spot and if you can’t do this then try deep breathing, think about some happy moments, starts checking your phone. You have to hold that sudden trigger for a few minutes until everything will be normal.
  • Of course, you can never stop this feeling because this is a part of human trait but think twice before getting frustrated whether the situation is worth to lose your mental peace, think twice if that person, dilemma, fear is going to affect you after certain years of your life. So now, If your answer is no then its not the time to lose your calm.
  • Have proper sleep and take small trips to new places, if this has been a long-term issue then take a break from office/school/college/home whatever the situation is which is making you frustrated because nothing is more important than your inner peace.

Writer’s TipAs soon as, I start losing my calm, I say to inner me- “Are you so weak to handle this circumstance? Is this really matter to you? If you are going to lose your patience here then it’s your inability and I know you are not incompetent so together we are gonna fight this and be cool as we are.” Sometimes, I even go to the washroom, watch some funny pet’s videos or dance for two minutes. Crying in the washroom is so overhyped, let’s try dance. Trust me, It works like a miracle for me.

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  1. I just walk off from the spot, to avoid my outbursts, am trying all this from last one year & i can see a big change in me because there were the times when my anger was uncontrollable by which loosed my so many precious things.

      1. Ya right Tushita but sometimes walked off is not a solution of everything i guess..?? sometimes walked off leads to regrets.

  2. Yes, I never thought about it.. It’s something different: “dancing with anger”. Will definitely try this.
    Keep writing such blogs and those rhymes πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ. Expecting more blogs with rhymes.

    1. Thanks for visiting our website Ayush, go fot it and share your results 😊

  3. I do not think anger is bad – at times we are completely justified. However our actions matter and the way in which we respond. As you have stated, we should refrain from acting out when emotional as we are likely to say and do something we will later regret. I become angry and upset when I feel misunderstood. I then go overboard to explain myself and grow more upset as a result. I am learning how to curb my reaction; to walk away and reflect.

    1. Yes, even I have same problem of getting upset when I am misunderstood, it’s definatley important to hold the trigger at that time because the actions perfomed in anger are never worth. Walk away and reflect is the best option.

      1. Thanks for your comment and sharing your experience Tushita. You cannot take back what you have said- only apologise.

  4. Thanks Doreen for sharing your thoughts, must go for dancing idea and do share your results.

  5. I love the idea of dancing in the bathroom! I shall have to try that the next time anger begins to get the better of me. Having lived with someone who battled bursts of aggression, I have learned to better manage my anger. But it still slips in on me from time to time.

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