How has been 2018 so far?

300 days of this year have passed, 65 more to go. Wow, It’s festive season – Diwali, Thanks Giving, Christmas all the festivals are around. So today, let’s have a walk back on the journey of the memory lane of this year to know –“How this year was, what majors are yet to be accomplished, How far have you reached with the resolutions of this year, what will be the plans of the coming year. “. Let’s have a look at mine first then you take some time to think about yours.

This Year, I have got the subscription to Amazon Prime, Netflix, hotstar premium, so we have killed much time on movies and web series. I have signed up for various food applications – Uber eats, Zomato, Swiggy and three more, thus had a good time with food, In fact, My friends have nicknamed me “Swiggy”. This year, I have become the victim of PUBG and weight gain. I have travelled more and refrained myself from using social media apps. I was planning to start meditation and yoga, be fit and in shape but end up eating more brownies and have donated my enough salary to food applications.

Life hit me hard with some lessons and sudden unexpected changes this year. So, I got distracted very soon from my career, health and learning goals. The mental stress of mine has pushed me to move in a different direction and that direction was the direction looking for peace and comfort. My comfort zone resulted in a delay of the accomplishment of my targets. It took a long time to buckle up and realise that the year is on the verge of its end and I am still in the middle of some targets.

Disappointment and remorse over anything will now not result into any good outcome“. So, I am going to mention the positive side for all the people who are disheartened like me over unfulfilled targets of this year I might have behaved like a spoiled brat but “I discovered how to appreciate myself, how to dance like no one is watching, how to relish this very moment, how to shut down the past and dead windows of yesterday, how to cut off from negative and fake people, how to prioritize yourself. I have got a good control over my weakness of losing temper. I have scrutinized myself to be a better individual for me“.

In a nutshell, Considering all the virtues and vices, this year I might have not grown into economic terms, health, shape or in education but I have learnt the most important chapters of life, I am on the track of peace, happiness and my dreams that will have a profound effect on my future. Most important thing is 300 days might have passed, but there are 65 more, It’s the time not to waste these precious days and come up with quality moments with the sense of relief of fulfilled aspirations, Don’t go for any packed deadlines but at least start with few of them because “SOMETHING IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN NOTHING”. As in, you may not achieve a fit body in 65 days but a few pounds will also come up with a joy. A spoon full of success can motivate you to achieve a bowl full of success. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    My year is being different, I have taped into new waters, took a new job offer, created my blog to share the things I passionate about such as Public Speaking, Leadership tips, and my newfound love (blogging and online marketing).
    I am still planning on getting my PMP certification, and publishing my first eBook in the next 60+ days.
    In all honesty, I feel like I have been getting too busy, and I need to take some time to pray more, and strengthen my connection with God. That is my biggest priority for the next days/year.

    1. We are same on the platform of sharing a blog, Good luck for your ebook, I will look forward for it.

  2. Tushita — I’ve had a good year and I’ve promised myself to make more time for leisure activities like watching movies on Netflix! My mantra is, “today is the best day of your life.” So make the most of it.

    1. I agree with your idea of “Today is the best day of your life”, by keeping this approach, we can build a beautiful life with every day as an outstanding day.

  3. Thanks for giving us an insight into your year. I smiled when I read of you subscribe to Netflix and such. I too watch many movies and dramas on Netflix- some I have even seen twice! My year so far has been interesting – both challenges and progress. You mention there are 65 days remaining in the year- anything can happen in this time!

  4. Yes it is.. in 2018 i am doing my best as I never was in past. I didn’t get much to travel, hangout’s, party and I don’t think this should be the only parameters of happiness..

    In early 2018 I joined my new job to just learn and explore technologies i was curious about in past years. I am working 7 days a week and around 12 hours a day to accomplish my dreams and I find my true happiness in it.

    Now i have only 65 days to go, i will try to do that I couldn’t do in last 10 months 😅

    Ps: True Happiness is to break your own records by doing better than before..

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, I agree with you. The only competition in this world is you, you always have to win over you.

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