Are You Ready For Change?

Change is a law of the universe, it’s inevitable, with every passing day we are growing and changing in some form or the another. The harsh reality of life is that nothing is constant and changes sound scary because of their unpredictability and uncertainty. Most of us want to sit in our comfort zone and that is not wrong, being afraid of change is never wrong, It’s a part of human nature. Now the question arises then how to change? How to grow and how to absorb change and Why should we be comfortable about change?

Why are we afraid of change?

We bother more about the outgrowth of change. The unpredictability provides food to our fears of losing or left behind. We stay more in our core beliefs or the experiences of our past. We forget the most vital thing, that life is uncertain – the probability of having good is equal to the probability of bad. No matter how much we say we are optimistic, as soon as we hit changes, our pessimistic sides start coming up. We keep rethinking about the consequences. The constant fear of losing comfort and current luxuries starts revolving in our head.

Why we should not be afraid of change?

If we will keep ourself trapped where we are, we will never be able to figure on what’s next and what should we do in future. If we will not fight our fear we will be chained where we are. Some of us are in a toxic stage in our career/ relationship but we don’t try to move on because of the fear of having a more toxic future. We have to except that every chapter of life has to end.

How to Overcome Afraid of Change?

1. Stop flowing with the stream, create your own path. Don’t be casual and don’t live with the idea of flowing with life.

2. Realise life doesn’t end here, there is a lot more to go, and the future of your life doesn’t depend on one decision of life, Stop listening to people around you, you are the only one who can change your destiny at any part of life.

3. Nothing is permanent and perfect, accept yourself as you are. 

4. The people around you are merely players, they don’t have a major role in your story. It is you who have to be a hero in your story.

5. The story doesn’t end on failure, the story starts from failure. Make your failure your starting point to success.

6. Don’t relate your life with other people experiences. You are different, so is your life and so your story will be. Their outcome was the results of their inputs. Your inputs and thought process is different just like you.

Writer’s Tip -Whenever thoughts like ‘what if you fail’ crosses your head, think about what if you win. When thoughts like ‘what if you fall’, falls in your head, think about what if you rise. Every success story starts from small tiny risks.  Beat the scary haunts of failure in your heads, Be the hero of your story.




  1. It’s true we should make our own path and, then we must resist changes that come us diversion from that path. What your opinion?

  2. Like 3+ year se i know you. You’re very smart girl specially in writing.#stay same

  3. Inspiring.
    And its true no one should stay the same.
    We should welcome change.

  4. Although I’m a very habitual person, I love change. I welcome it into my life and look forward to what will be that new thing or the other new thing that’s happening. Change helps us move forward and the alternative to movement is stagnation. Not good.

    1. Indeed, Change and risks are steps towards success. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Encouraging post Tushita. Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable. At times change is welcome and other times it is not when there appears to be little or no benefits to us. I like your point “people around us are players. They do not have a major role in our lives.” This puts things into perspective.

    1. Thanks Phoenicia. Yes, it’s necessary to realise the importance of our journey to make it remarkable.

  6. Hi Tushita,

    It’s like you said “change is inevitable.” Humans naturally have a big problem with inevitability. My opinion on the piece, which by the way looks great and I think you touched in many valid points, is that we should be teaching not just ourselves…but also, the new generation about the benefits of change, the ways to manage change, expect it and embrace it at all times. That leads to a happier and less stressful life.

    1. Yes Emidio, I like it you mentioned we should be teaching it to new generatiion too because with face past growth in the technlogies, we are making ourself adopt the laziness instead of growing and changing towards a better life.

  7. Great post, Tushita. I am fortunate in that I see change as an opportunity to embrace a challenge. As you say in your post, if nothing changes, life becomes stagnant and boring. Change and challenge create growth and wisdom.

  8. Great Insight about life and changes. We don’t need to be afraid of any change. Instead changes are necessary part of our life and I have experienced it many times throughout my life. Thanks Tushita for providing your thoughts

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