Are You Compatible in your Relationship?

The scariest word for me in this world is “Relationship“, Say the word “Relationship” a couple of times and I will run away but one fine day while getting hair massage from my grandmother, I questioned her, What’s her story –“What kept them adhere to this bond for more than 50+ years?” It is your late 70’s, Do you ever felt in your lifetime about quitting or giving up on each other? Do you guys struggle on stupid random things like our generation? I am sure every one of us has some such questions back and forth in our life?

Guess what, she replied to me, She said these are all aspects of life, everyone encounter this but you are the one who decides what to choose, It’s all about priorities. Not all relationships are perfect but some are, the one which u don’t fit in should be left at the right time. The one where you find reasons to stay, try cementing them up for long haul, nurture them up, they just require to make up a few compatibilities, “Love doesn’t beg for sacrifices“, as the world says, instead love supports you to grow and makes you stronger, love holds your back and say “Hey! Listen, I am there for you“. Well, there are no adequate factors which define relationship compatibility but few factors which strong relationship demands besides love are –

    • Emotional Compatibility – The relationship can endure if you have trust, understanding between you two halves, the vibes and recognising the need, care of each other’s requirements is vital, how emotionally you are open to your partner in good or bad which can include conversations about each other on small chores of life or big chaos of life. It’s good to have gossiping, bitching, daydreaming and life planning sessions between you two. It’s the joy of being compatible with each other for celebrating small blossoming flower to overcoming dark clouds together.
    • Interests– The idea of how do we want to shape our life and relationship is very important, two individual may not share the same life vision but they need to match their relationship goals that what they as in look for their relationship and their life goals also decide some small and big factors because still in this crucial world love can not earn bread for you . Sharing some hobbies and interests are a great help, this is what I learn from one of my friend’s couple they share the same food and travel interest so they spend half of their life doing it.
    • Respect – Respect to your partner should always be maintained even at the time of frustration, in public or private. I have seen some people posting happy romantic pictures on facebook and then fighting like monkeys offline, maintain respect in public as well as private.
    • Physical Compatibility – It may sound lame or even contrasts the definition of love, For the large part of society “Looks” are also one of the important components it’s just that everyone has the different definition of looks. You need to be excited about your partner, and certainly not be repulsed. The physical compatibility is clearly based on a subjective set of preferences of an individual. Not having the same style can have a negative long-term effect on your relationship.

Writer’s TipDon’t let the teenager love die within you, those random roses, chocolates, morning kisses, cooking surprise meals and random trips do wonders till the date.


  1. Hi Tushita,
    Awesome blog post!!!
    You can add two more points trust and understanding.
    I feel these are the basic of every relationship. When you are pointing to Physical Compatibility, does is belong to only life partners/couples relationship?

    1. Thanks Mohit for your feedback, I have mentioned trust and understanding in emotional compatibility because they are vital factors as u mentioned. Physical compatibly – I am pointing to both life partners/couples relationship as per their’s preferences.

  2. Interesting article about relationships compatibility. Funny how I sent from one end of the spectrum with my first marriage to an extreme introvert to the opposite end of the spectrum in my second marriage to someone who was even more extroverted and free from inhibition than I am. I’ve now learned that moderation in all aspects of our lives (including temperaments) is the key.

    1. Hi Doreen, Thanks for sharing your experience and I agree with your idea of moderation in all aspects of our lives, it is actually a key of successful relationship as well as life.

  3. I love your article and that picture made me smile! It is so easy to slip into the every day mundane life when you start a family. It is good to get a reminder of what is important in a relationship.

  4. Yes we do need to keep relationships fresh and put time in otherwise you can take each other for granted. Relationships are exciting and new for the first few months/years and then you slip into an area of familiarity. Regular date nights and time away from the children/work/family are important.

    1. Yes, spending some quality time can maintain the spark in the realtionship, ulitmately healthy relationship is proportional to cheerful life.

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